Kazhal Adami was born in Saqqez
As a child, poetry and music was her highest interest. Already at the age of 8 she started to read Kurdish poetry and while reading poems by the well-known poet Qane, she also learned the Kurdish language. While becoming familiar with the Kurdish language, she also – at the same time put music to the words, in this way explaining her childish emotions.
Kazhal moved to Sweden in 1998.
At the age of 15 she started to play violin and has been taught theory of music by
Ali Shakouri, Master of Music at the Sabamusic Institute.
Kazhal also writes poetry – as she explains: “Poetry is my closest friend, in which I
can confide my deepest feelings”. Poems by Kazhal have been recognized as feminine
poems, involving pains, dreams, ideals and aspirations of the woman.
When Kazhal started to study , Ali Shakouri supported her and discovered her deep-hearted voice. Ali Shakouri opened a new window in Kazhal’s life and she became a singer. Her first musical assignment is an album Most Beutiful Word presenting her love of music. The poems in this album are written by Kazhal and the composer of these songs is Ali Shakouri........